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Achieve Financial Freedom Sooner With Real Estate Investing

Passive Retirement is a real estate investment company specializing in rental properties and construction projects. We provide our clients and partners with the opportunity to monetize our expertise in short, mid, and long term real estate options, resulting in passive monthly income and equity profits.

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Crisis In America.

More Americans than ever before are concerned about their future due to the lack of control over their retirement assets. Traditional accounts alone aren't enough for most people to maintain the quality of life they are seeking when they are ready to stop working. The necessity for a diversified retirement plan grows as faults in Americans' retirement plans are revealed.


Those retiring 30 years from today will receive a nominal Social Security benefit of about $64,750 per year. However, due to inflation, this figure will be reduced to $27,683 in today's dollars.


Market uncertainty can be influenced by a wide array of contributors such as: interest rates, tax changes, inflation rates, monetary policies, industry changes, local, national, and international events.


35% of private-sector employees do not have access to a 401(k) through their employers. And the lack of availability is even more pronounced among younger workers: 41% of millennials do not have a 401(k) through their employer.

According to a 2019 report by the Employee Benefit Research Institute retirement, 40 percent of all U.S. households are expected to run out of money during retirement.

Lets Build Something

At Passive Retirement, we want to help Americans regain control over their retirement and make it easier for them to reach financial independence sooner. We help people from all professions take part in leveraging the advantages that residential and commercial real estate have to offer.  By partnering with us, investors are able to grow their savings safely and exponentially, year over year.

The Power of Syndications

Real estate syndications allow groups of investors to pool their resources together in order to purchase larger, more lucrative deals than what they would be able to gain access to individually. These pooled investments create economies of scale that ultimately enhance overall buyer power. The phrase "strength/safety in numbers" truly applies to this method of reducing risk and increasing overall returns.

Our strategy

Joint Ventures

Clients who own or have access to properties that would make for great investment opportunities are encouraged to inquire about joint venture scenarios, where we can each bring strategic value to the deal. These partnerships can benefit everyone involved while creating an opportunity that is bigger than the sum of all its parts.

Who We Are

Jake Akers
General Partner

Jake ran his own marketing firm in Atlanta for seven years prior to transitioning into real estate. Since relocating to San Diego, Jake has been involved in over 250 residential and multifamily investment deals totaling over $145m in assets repositioned. He currently seeks to help others passively invest in commercial real estate in order to attain financial freedom.

Desiree Doubrox
General Partner

A real estate agent, broker, and investor since 1989. Experienced in residential and commercial real estate including fix and flips, Multi-residential, syndications, and short term rentals.Founder /CEO Hom Work and An Empowered Woman. Hom Work acquires and designs luxury styled CoWorking andCoLiving homes for women professionals, entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

Gery Zimmerman
General Partner

A seasoned Investor in residential and commercial real estate. Currently invested in $15 million in commercial industrial properties that includes a $4.5 million syndication. Is a general partner in the Colivilla residential syndication. A Mechanical Engineer andDesign Manager with Titleist, his analytical skills will support operations, financials and ability to scale

Henish Pulickal

Since 2002, Henish has excelled in underwriting, sales, servicing, and consulting for major US banks. He became a realtor in 2009 and a Broker in 2017. Henish now leads The California Home Company (CalHomeCo) and CalHomeCo Construction as CEO, a strategic blend of real estate and construction. Throughout his career, he's managed over $1 billion in mortgages and real estate transactions.

Steve Anderson

Steve, with 20 years in sales and marketing, brings a decade of entrepreneurial leadership. He co-leads a real estate investment firm for 4 years, participating in 200+ projects. Steve manages sales, acquisitions, and data for marketing. Additionally, he leads a real estate network group in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Mike Imbriglio

Mike boasts 17 years in construction, 7 in design, and 4 in real estate investing. With deep roots in a construction family in San Diego, he excels in maximizing real estate value. Over 6 years, Mike contributed to 200+ real estate deals and projects. He co-owns a lead gen firm, holds a real estate license with eXp, and runs an interior design consultancy.