Our Tailored Strategy For Real Estate Professionals.

If you spend more than 750 hours per year working in the real estate industry


More than one-half of your work related time is in the real estate industry

Then you most likely qualify for additional benefits and savings associated with our rental property investments.

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Residuals For Realtors

If you’re a real estate agent, your financial situation heavily depends on the ups and downs of the commission-based roller coaster ride. It can be hard to accurately forecast your cashflow month to month, much less ten years down the road. Passive Retirement helps agents bring some consistency to their bankroll by means of regular income in the form of interest distributions. Just like some stocks pay dividends, with commercial real estate you don't have to wait to sell in order to start seeing a return on your investment. Our properties start to generate positive cashflow within months of the initial purchase, which then gets disbursed to investors. Many agents use this cashflow to pay for fixed expenses like health insurance.

It's time to put your commission checks to work for you!

Reduce Your Taxable Income

Those classified as "real estate professionals" under the IRS tax code have an amazing opportunity to take advantage of tax benefits associated with rental property investments that other investors are not privy to. Qualified individuals are allowed to write-off losses associated with passive real estate investments. You won't be losing money by investing into our deals, but you can deduct the property's depreciation from your overall income, significantly reducing the amount of taxes you pay as a realtor.

Stop Working Sooner (If You Want)

Being a self employed 1099 or individual LLC has many advantages over being a W-2 employee, however one of the disadvantages is that most companies in the real estate industry don't provide their agents with a group retirement plan such as an IRA or 401k. Many agents have their savings sitting in a low interest bank account, which can be tempting to spend. Passive Retirement helps agents to capitalize on mid-high double digit returns, cutting down on the time it takes for their nest egg to mature. The primary challenges associated with 401k's and IRA's are the limits to the amount you can invest each year, annual income limits, and the payment penalty if you want to withdraw your money prior to 60 years of age. By using real estate syndications as a retirement vehicle, agents can bypass the limitations associated with traditional means.

Get Paid While You Learn

Many real estate agents and brokers naturally transition into some form of real estate investing, one way or another. A great way to learn more about what goes into a successful deal is by starting out as a LP (limited partner) in one of our syndications. LP's are passive investors that do not have an active role in the day to day operations of managing the asset, but they do get a looking glass into how it all works. LP's have the opportunity to learn about everything from strategy and execution to the renovations and financials, all while collecting residual . We believe in full transparency and give every partner the chance to grow more than just financially. Real estate investing is a proven vehicle to financial freedom and we are eager to bring others along for the ride!

Don't Get Restricted By Stated Income

One of the challenges of not being a W-2 employee is that real estate agents are encouraged to write off as many expenses as possible. By doing so, this reduces the stated income on their tax returns. Many exclusive opportunities require investors to be accredited by presenting $200,000+ annual tax returns. In order to give agents access to the same caliber deals, we structure our syndications using a 506b exemption, allowing up to 35 unaccredited investors to share in the profits.

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